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My goal is to.... bring you back in time. To make you feel it all over again. The way the coffee aroma
filled the room. The time you slipped on that gorgeous dress and it felt like Cinderella. The way your groom looked at you,
like it was the first time he ever saw you. The way their tiny toes wiggled, I want you to remember the laughter
your children brought you. I want the memories to be frozen in time in one photograph.
I want you to never forget.
I... recently moved to Los Angeles, CA, and I am available for travel! I married my husband Travis in 2018.
I love the outdoors and all the adventures to go with it. I also love a good game night or an occasional Netflix night!
I start each morning with fresh celery juice! I have found a love for cooking! I am starting
to collect a few too many cook books. Popcorn is my weakness.....ask anyone who knows me.
My goal in life is to follow my dreams and never be afraid to be who I am!!
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