the dragonfly part II (Our Wedding)

After Travis and I did our first look but before our formal ceremony, we headed out for pictures. At this time, I couldn’t help but notice a very unique dragonfly that landed on my bouquet. It didn’t look like the usual dragonfly. I instantly had a rush feeling, a sense of peace. I smiled, and looked up toward the flawless, bright blue sky- Thatcher made it to my wedding day! I believe through it all he was watching over me. As we continued the day with pictures we then ran into two butterflies chasing each other in a circle. Both different colors. That rush came again! But this time, I felt my Markham grandparents who had passed away in recent years. Tears filled my eyes. My heart knew that those that could not physically be here with me on our wedding day, were all there with me in spirit. I needed this awareness at such an emotional, and difficult time.

After pictures, we had a small lunch. Following was the ceremony on top of Brockway Mountain. During our ceremony, the sun was getting lower and hitting our faces as we stood hand in hand. During this time, I felt the stillness around me while I knew all my loved ones that had passed away were looking down on us. Since our special day, I have tried to express this feeling to many. In doing so, I have come to understand one important thing. That is, that this feeling is something many people will never experience. I am thankful, yet I cannot help but think, “If only I could see them one last time.”

During our reception, I was told by a few people there was a dragonfly, flying in a circle above our heads during the ceremony! I could hardly believe it. Tears instantly flooded my face! HE WAS THERE! They were there. I believe if Thatcher didn’t pass so close to my wedding, I wouldn’t have felt the things I did that day. Love, and comfort. God knew I needed this to go forward.

Our reception flew by! Everything was truly, better than I could have ever imagined.  So many brought my vision to life, with the help of many friends and my family members! Many of whom are tagged below! Since our wedding day, life has been a rollercoaster of emotions with the grief feeling so, so fresh. I may write more on that someday. For now, a little piece of our day.

Also, thank you again, Mom and Dad <3. God is good.             

I get it from my Dad;)
Travis and his little brothers

Travis and his parents
My siblings and I
My mom and Dad:)

My Kero grandparents

my popcorn addiction came to life!
my sister made the most beautiful sign
The loved ones that passed<3

Photography; Lea Peterson

Planning and design;

Florals; Taylor Kero

Cake; Rachel Burkhart

Dress; Ginas Bridal

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